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Smart is here to stay and grow pervasive

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 22, 2017 2:29 pm

Smart is everywhere, from smart phones to smart cities – no matter if welcome or avoided by some of us. The world of “smart everything, that goes everywhere”, next to the already overexposure to information, bring the change to an almost unbearable pace. Those who adapt and welcome it, will be the winners of tomorrow.

In this disruptive new world, we keep working hard, to enable – through technology an experience – the changes our customer businesses face.

As your potential business’ change enabler technology partner, we are presenting you today the Smart Metering Dashboard solution.

The Smart Metering Dashboard solution developed by Crescendo is designed to group together the data coming from different sources into a Server. This data can be visualized and analyzed using the Smart Metering Dashboard composed of several modules and enhanced with different reporting capabilities.

The data sources can be sensors that can communicate with the Server directly or via a gateway (LoraWan sensors, for example). This data will be sent and stored into Microsoft Azure and the users will have the possibility to analyze it in real-time, but we are also able to produce historical data reports.

At Dashboard level, the business value brought by Crescendo Smart Metering Dashboard consists of:

  • Defining KPIs
  • Creating Alerts based on certain conditions
  • Creating relevant reports
  • Creating dashboards aggregating the most important reports
  • Controling devices (add, remove, set parameters)
  • Communicating with devices by sending commands


Crescendo Smart Metering Dashboard offers control, analysis and decision making capabilities for important business areas, such as:

  • Smart city
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Industrial IoT
  • Air quality
  • Gas management
  • Electricity
  • Smart parking
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart home
  • IoT Solutions for Agriculture
  • Transportation

„The principles based on which the architecture was constructed take into account the latest IoT patterns and technologies, in order to construct a solution that adds business value to our partners”, said Ciprian-Ionut Duduiala, Software Solutions Architect at Crescendo International.

„Smart Metering Dashboard Solution addresses business challanges from different areas and represents a real decisional support for managers that want to lead their business in a revolutionary manner”, said Filip Zgubea, Manager Strategic Programs at Crescendo International.

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