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Questia Delivers Fresh Insights to Help You Stay on Top of the Digital Transformation 

BY IMWORLD TEAM, October 3, 2017 2:55 pm

Market research can help companies identify how digital transformation impacts their customers’ needs and preferences, as well as the key trends and developments of the industries they activate into.  

At Questia Group, we think that it is of vital importance to be permanently connected with what happens around us, in order to tackle the respective needs and trends from an early stage. Further on, identifying trends in social and business environments before wide adoption can influence and determine educated business decisions. Why so? Because consumers’ tastes and needs change over time in response to the emerging new lifestyles and fashions. Businesses need to monitor these changes and, whenever possible, anticipate them. For this purpose, although scanning social networks, discussing with our peers and monitoring our industry and competitors can be insightful, talking to consumers is invaluable 

 You can find out more about us at our booth in the Digital and E-commerce Solutions area, at the ground floor.  

In a nutshell, we are a tech and fast-growing company focused on measuring online public opinion with digital presence across several markets. Using a mix of technology, innovative approach and cutting-edge research methodologies, we provide a unique way of capturing actionable insights by talking to people constantly and in real time. With our fresh and agile approach, we are able to take the pulse as events unfold and come up with the insights you need. Our team of researchers has a multi-layered background in academic, social and business research. With our powers combined, we will come up with insightful conclusions and actionable recommendations based on the data we gather. Check out some of our insights: http://analytica.questiagroup.com/infographics/ 

 Our services address any academic and business audience who is interested in finding out more about its consumers/users, their values, lifestyle, purchasing behaviour and perceptions towards brands. From market research professionals to top management of different corporations, our studies tackle topics of interest to all of them: from advertising and concept testing to market segmentation and incidence measurement.  

Success is rooted in our ability thinking clearly and acting quickly. And we deliver this opportunity with high efficiency. And with enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. And we help brands grow and develop in the digital transformation times we are living in. In order to better understand it and challenge the future, we must ‘doubt the bubble’ and follow uncertainty so to deconstruct it. This means we should embrace Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. And at Questia Group, we embrace them with success. 

Don’t forget to pay us a visit at our stand in the Digital and E-commerce Solutions area to discuss more or say hello at welcome@questiagroup.com! 

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