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MiniCRM introduces Customer Relationship Mentality: the new way to manage relationship with your clients

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 14, 2016 2:58 pm

Since the digital world and high-tech era started, customer behaviour has changed and became more complex and complicated. For many companies, it is extremely hard to find a new way to attract and manage their potential clients efficiently as well as communicate with current customers. You might ask what exactly is the main cause of these remarkable changes? And what actions should companies take to keep on being on the successful track?

Customers are much more powerful than ever before and power means information. Nowadays, the wide spread and accessibility of information have become companies’ friend and enemy all in one. Isn’t it great to promote your high-quality product and services across all possible channels and reach more people just with one click? Sure, that’s amazing! But what if something goes wrong and one of your customers starts to diffuse negative feedback on social media? Everyone can access this information on their mobile devices in real time before you will be even able to react. Not so cool, right? And what can you do to make your customers happy and your business flourishing?

Companies should not forget about the fact that customers are the most valuable resource for their business and especially nowadays a good product or service does not necessarily have to be enough. So what is the great ingredient that attracts new customers to buy from you for the first time and makes the current ones to come back? We call it customer relationship mentality. It is a customer centric approach that every company should implement in order to improve the customer experience with its products or services. You have to know the profile of your potential clients and customers and speak the same language to catch their attention. You have to understand their needs to offer them the best solution. And you have to provide them with excellent customer support while keeping in touch constantly.

In MiniCRM, we believe in this approach and values. We do not just sell a software, we give our clients an opportunity to learn and gain valuable know-how that is based on many years of our own experience. It is a mentality and a way of doing things more effectively while using the right technology. Our software is currently being used by more than 550 small and medium businesses and it supports their processes across different departments from sales, through marketing, to human resources. But the logic is simple: our client, our future. We help them to grow as well as they help us to improve and get better from day to day.

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