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CONNECTIONS is turning Technology into business transformation 

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 16, 2017 2:27 pm


The hot conversation in business is Transformation. Specifically, Digital Transformation. There’s good reason for the popularity – it’s well-documented how Digital is disrupting everything.  

How customers experience each organization, how employees experience their work inside the organization, and how deeply the external experiences (competitors, regulators, etc) affect organizations.  

 When we talk about transformation, we’re talking about change. Technology moves fast so we need to ensure the change we implement is flexible and above all else, sustainable. 

 Connections does exactly this- it implements or is helping its partners to implement sustainable and flexible solutions, tailored for multiple businesses and end-users. 

 At IMWorld event, you will be able to see two of our latest solutions developed in line with the latest technologically trends: 

ROBOCON– Business Process Automation Framework  

 RPA based on UiPath technology. 

  • Automation framework for redundant business processing ops (FMCG, tech companies – software testing). 
  • Dedicated team managing productizing of RPA framework, building solutions and providing RPA-based services. 
  • Integration of RPA-based services with traditional, human-based services in order to deliver added value for customers. 

 AppServe– Use tech to jump the line!  

 AppServe is an app which can be downloaded to save your time spent at queues for taking your lunch break or to grab a cup of coffee and it works pretty much like this: 

  1. You download the App and you pick a location from the map or later from your Favourite list. 
  1. You order from the location’s Menu. 
  1. You pay your order online and you choose when to pick-up your order. AppServe can also estimate the time needed to reach the order location based on traffic. 
  1. Just pick your order. No stress. No wasted time. 

 If you’re interested to find out more about our products and services,  CONNECTIONS is happy to meet you this year at IMWorld! Trust us, there is plenty to talk about! 



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