Internet & Mobile World Team

Retail & HoReCa – Gone Digital 

24 September, 20:39

15 years ago, local Retail and HoReCa businesses were barely in their infancy, only then starting to blossom after too many arid decades of economic dormancy. 

 The many entrepreneurs that started a business in the 2000s needed a partner to undertake all the responsibility and efforts necessary for an optimal and functional Fiscal System. This was the need that triggered the foundation of Sedona. 

 Today one of the leading suppliers of complete POS Systems in Romania, the company is one of the engines that propelled the digital transformation of Romanian Retail and HoReCa fields. 

 Its main goal: helping entrepreneurs automate their businesses, gain more mobility and easily cross the online-offline borders of their stores with modern POS Systems.  

 Naturally, part of these state-of-the-art solutions will be awaiting visitors at our Internet & Mobile World 2017 booth: 

– Tablet POS & All-in-One POS Systems 

– Self-Checkout Systems  

– In-Store Customer Feedback & Survey 

– Mobile Restaurant Ordering System 

– Phone Payment System 

– Tablet Stands 


 Our products & services portfolio is targeted at: 

– Retail and HoReCa Managers 

– IT Managers 

– Procurement Managers: Retail, HoReCa, Logistics, Warehousing

– General Managers & CEOs: Retail, HoReCa, Logistics, Warehousing 


You’re invited to test future-shaping technologies in Retail and HoReCa and find out why we are Your Friends in POS Solutions! 



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