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One Smart Star – brings your business contacts points together

28 September 2016, 06:20

Phone numbers, emails, SMS, Facebook, website or address, are all these your business contact details?

Where and how do I find it all? Well, you’re lucky if your customer asks you such a question.

Most people are in hurry to search for details or too lazy to pick out the relevant contact information from a wide range of different locations; they usually want to find it FAST, need to see it ALL as they need it NOW!

With reliable and easily accessible contact information, One Smart Star Service allows leading businesses and organizations to efficiently communicate one contact number, a single identity.

One Smart Star enhances the connection between the Business and its existing customers while new customers, are easily attracted by promotion campaigns.

The service is a Telecom and Internet oriented solution that provides each business with a personalized and unique contact access platform with relevant company’s contact information.

“Easy to remember, simple to use”! How?

  • Formatted of * and 4 digits (*3344) it is the easiest number to remember and dial, which guaranties the highest feedback rate;
  • Possibility to use nicknames (*FIAT);
  • All incoming OSSN calls are diverted automatically to the company’s existing numbers;
  • Connect to various business details Via ONE App
  • By a button push, a contact is made to any business destinations (voice call, web & social networks, online, messaging and location & navigation).

Isn’t it that you would like to know more about your advantages?

Please stop by One Smart Star Romania booth no. S02 at IMWorld.

For more information visit:

OSSN Global Solution 1



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