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Chargers for low power generation

20 September, 19:14

Mobile phones have become a necessity for many people around the world. Ability to keep in touch with family, business partners, and access to email are just some of the reasons why the importance of these devices has increased. Mobile devices, whether they are phones, tablets, handhelds, cameras, electronic cigarettes, audio players, smartwatch, or any other type of gadget, need electricity.

According to 90% of us panic about losing power on our phones
– 32 per cent of us will ‘drop everything’ to head home and charge phones
– 17 per cent of males missed match on a dating app because phone died
– 60 percent of people blamed a dead phone for not speaking to a family member, friend, co-worker or significant other if their battery was low.
– 41 per cent of people fear missed calls the most when faced with a dead battery.

And what’s more, one in three people have gotten into an argument with a significant other or romantic interest as a result of unanswered calls or texts because their smartphone was dead.

Our mission is to end low power battery problem and use the benefits of our products. We aim to help HORECA companies to increase the number of clients and to increase customers satisfactions in locations (restaurants , bars, eg).

We are developing a software application in order to locate the locations which have charging solutions and to send users to charge their phones. In this way the users are solving their problem (charging their phone), increasing the number of customers in locations, increasing customer satisfaction, selling advertising.

It is also of opportunity for companies to promote their brand – our products can be fully branded with logo or personalized messages.
It can be an overwhelming process searching for the right charging solution for your business. With so many options out there, how does one choose?

These stations typically feature a docking unit, which house and recharge multiple battery packs at the same time. With this solution your clients or employees can grab and get charging without being held down to a permanent station. They are perfect for office lobbies, restaurant bars, and trade shows where people can grab and continue recharging on the move.

Floorstand Charging stations are great solutions for trade shows, office lobbies, and areas with high foot traffic. These charging solutions typically feature multiple cables and a resting tray for devices. They are easy to spot, use and manage.

For those looking for more security, Charging Lockers & Cabinets are the perfect solution. Charging Lockers typically feature lockable cubbies, each cubby offering its own charging cables. Most are cubbies are roomy enough to fit a mobile phone, keys, and even wallet! Access to each locker is provided either by a key, digital keypad or integrated combination lock, depending on the locker style.

Visit us at our booth in the Business Software and Cloud Solutions sector and test our solutions. Our consultants will provide technical information about our products and will recommend the best solution for your business.



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