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AROBS Transilvania Software brings Optimall BI – an intelligent solution for your business

23 September 2016, 08:55

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Most leaders are not interested in data management. Most leaders don’t need data; they need information. They don’t have the time to pick out the relevant information from a range of statements generated through the company’s management system; they need to see WHAT’S ESSENTIAL, and they need it IMMEDIATELY!

With reliable, current and easily accessible information, Optimall BI is a Business Intelligent Solution that helps managers and business professionals to make fast and efficient decisions. It enables you better keep track of and analyze all the key factors of your company’s operations that play an important role in supporting your performance and generating real profit.

If you think “But we don’t need a BI system…”

What about answering the following questions, then think again!

  • Is your company performing well?
  • Do you think your company is completely transparent or do you often have to rely only on information from managers?
  • Do you enjoy leafing through reports and statements that are full of data and numbers often difficult to interpret?
  • Would you sometimes like to analyze information in more depth and detail?
  • Are you able to make decisions wherever and whenever you are, using your telephone or tablet?
  • Within the company, how do co-workers acquire and relay information they need to make daily decisions?
  • How much time doest it takes to get the necessary information? How do you know that the information obtained is accurate and reliable?
  • How do you obtain information about clients, key business processes or financial matters?
  • It’s easy for you to identify the products that are most or least demand? Who are your most profitable clients?
  • How do you obtain information on future processes involving sales, consumers or other business?
  • Would you like to create a real vision for your company?

Isn’t it that you would like to reconsider your first impression?

Want to find out more about our intelligent system? Please stop by AROBS Transilvania Software booth no. B20 at IMWorld.

For more information about our solution visit:


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