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The World’s Premier Marketing Leadership Expert is coming at IMWorld

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 15, 2017 11:44 am

You look very passionate about your work. What made you decide to become a marketing leadership conference speaker? What keeps the passion alive?

I absolutely love marketing—from when I was a little child. What I didn’t like was the fact that many marketers love their job—but struggle in their careers. This has to stop. That’s why I’ve conducted the largest ever study on marketing leadership—with over 68,000 leader’s profiles. Marketing needs a prominent role in companies. That’s the fire that burns inside me


What are the main 3 key points that you got from your experience as a marketing leadership expert?  

In the first leadership book for marketers, The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, Patrick Barwise and I say it this way:

– Doing marketing is your hobby. What you get paid for is the hard emotional labour of convincing other people that our plans are right

– Doing marketing isn’t the same as leading marketing. Marketing leaders know how to mobilize others inside the company

– You can learn this! Personality, for success in marketing, plays only a small role!

(If you are curious, take the free leadership test on www.marketingleader.org)


What the future will bring in your opinion? What dies or fades and what will ride the storm in marketing?

It’s make or beak time for marketers. The digital marketing opportunities are amazing! But too many marketers are lost in the detail—other people in the company chip in and take over. There’s the real risk that marketing looses importance. But for those marketers, who learn how to lead, the future has never been brighter!

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