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The VR Quest Arena: amazing virtual reality experiences

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 25, 2017 4:52 pm

Evolve Media is a creative company on a mission to amaze, thrill and entertain. We engineer astonishing experiences by combining the latest technologies with innovative ways of communication and well-crafted content. Our goal is to create unforgettable multi-sensory experiences, that deeply involve and excite the public.

Our creativity has wandered and bloomed in more than one area, having worked on projects for:
-Retail & marketing
-Museums & exhibitions
We are coming to IMWorld 2017 with a huge surprise. Join us at our stand as we unveil our latest VR installation, a truly new and amazing way to experience virtual reality. Our system, The VR Quest Arena, takes people on fantastic journeys, allows them to explore new worlds and have incredible adventures.

We wanted to harness the full potential of virtual reality, so we constructed a special paying area and combined it with custom made VR games, in order to create more thrilling and immersive virtual reality experiences. Our gaming area has a maze-like pattern, that allows us to design an infinite play zone in a limited space.

As people make their way through the maze, they interact with different elements, solve puzzles, or battle enemies. The labyrinth provides users with a higher degree of full-body mobility through VR environments and it also enhances the feeling of exploration and engagement.

The immersive level is incredible, the labyrinth structure combined with very well-crafted 3D content and captivating stories, create astonishing experiences.

The novelty and fun factor, make our VR Quest Arena suitable for a wide range of locations and events: visitor attractions, malls and shopping centers, team buildings, corporate events. We have also designed our system to be very adaptable in terms of on-site setup, basically, we just need a 3m by 3m space to install and run it.

The truly fascinating thing about VR is that you can exit your day to day setting and step into whatever fantasy you find most appealing. Looking at VR from a creative point of view, there are practically no limits when it comes to storytelling or designing different types of worlds and adventures.

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology with a lot of potential, as it can be used in different sectors: entertainment, education, marketing and healthcare. Our expertise with virtual reality systems and our capability of producing excellent content, help us develop customized VR experiences for various projects and locations.

Our range of cutting-edge technology:
• Virtual Reality
• Augmented Reality applications
• Mixed Reality applications
• Kinect applications
• Mobile and tablet experiences
• Interactive projections
• Interactive exhibits, museum and exhibitions design
• Beacons
• Multi touch and gesture based experiences

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