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The little big things that matters in a conference room – Logitech Video Collaboration devices 

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 15, 2017 12:08 pm

It’s no secret the Logitech Video Collaboration team has launched some big products over the past year (e.g. BRIO – our best webcam ever or Logitech Connect).  We are continuously working with the purpose of solving real customer problems and further enhancing some of our already great products.   

Some of those enhancements come from our own team of engineers, product experts, and marketeers. Other ideas emerge from industry and channel partners. But the most important source of inspiration remains our customers. As we learn how customers deploy our video solutions, we refresh our product portfolio to enable the best video conferencing experience. And we think that at Internet & Mobile World we can meet our old and future customers and partners. 

We’ve heard the feedback of our customers, and as such, we introduced this year a new product in the Logitech Video Collaboration portfolio.  

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 delivers premium optics and lifelike video calls to create the experience of sitting together in the same room, even if you are a thousand miles away. It sets a new standard for high-quality, professional video with brilliantly sharp image resolution, outstanding color reproduction, and exceptional 10x HD zoom. Building on our successful PTZ Pro camera, PTZ Pro 2 offers smoother pan and tilt motion, an updated design, and consistently clear focus while zooming in and out.

The camera features lenses designed and manufactured by Logitech and engineered to provide unparalleled sharpness, color rendition, and speed in a variety of lighting conditions. At half the price of comparable models, PTZ Pro 2 is the smart choice for large conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, healthcare settings, and other professional environments where clear, high-resolution video is a must.

It’s the time and place to speak also of a favorite of ours – Logitech Connect , a conference room superstar since 2016. With a 90° field of view, 1080p video calling and Rightlight technology, Logitech Connect will really up the game for your video calls. And because you get high definition video and a 360° wideband audio experience, you can have productive, face-to-face meetings without stepping foot on a plane or jumping in your car. Check out this 4 reasons to use the solution: 

  • It takes the hassle out of face-to-face meetings. No traveling means no TSA lines, no weather delays or mechanical issues leading to flight cancellations. And weighing in at under two pounds, it’s a heck of a lot lighter than your carry-on! 
  • It’s a videoconferencing unit and so much more. In addition to serving up an enterprise-grade video experience, Connect is also a Bluetooth speaker phone and facilitates wireless screen mirroring. 
  • It’s portable. Because Connect runs on an AC battery, you can charge it and then use it on-the-go. It’s lightweight, which means you can take it just about anywhere, and a fully charged battery gives you up to three full hours of video conferencing or up to 15 hours of audio calling. 
  • It just looks cool – and comes in two colors. Whether you prefer silver or red, Connect is a winner of several design awards. 

 In 2016, Logitech has raised the bar with Logitech GROUP. The solution provides great video quality with vastly improved audio. We built the speakerphone from the ground up.  The body is metal vs. plastic for better acoustic performance, it has 4 mics vs. 2 and high end technology like beamforming.  Another improvement is the addition of extension microphones so we can now support rooms with up to 20 people (double from the previous 10). 

As we said, our clients opinions matter so we came with a super useful addition to our line, Logitech GROUP 15m Extended Cablewhich allows our customers to easily customize their conference room set-up. Customers can now significantly increase the distance from the hub to the camera or speakerphone with a single 32.8’ DIN cable that can be routed through a conduit for super-clean conference room installations.

The Logitech PTZ Pro 2Logitech Connect and Logitech GROUP allow our customers to easily equip any meeting room with reliable, high-quality videoconferencing equipment. 

 We love introducing new products to market. Some are all new and packed with industry firsts, and others are an evolution of our existing portfolio made better by incorporating customer feedback. We hope you have the chance to enjoy all our video collaboration solutions, and we look forward to the continued dialog on how to improve the meeting room experience at our booth at Internet & Mobile World. See you there! 

 To learn more about our full video portfolio, please visit logitech.com/video-collaboration. 



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