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RedSharp is coming at IMWorld

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 27, 2017 8:48 pm

Leveraging on the pool of skilled resources available in the best ICT-oriented Romanian city, Cluj Napoca, RedSharp supports enterprises in increasing productivity, flexibility and responsiveness toward changing market needs.
In a few words, RedSharp fosters competitivity building powerful solutions based on IoT, mobile devices, in-memory computing, ERP integration, and more.

To increase understanding of user behaviour, strengthen customer engagement, optimize asset management and improve workforce efficiency, RedSharp offers an innovative platform, powered by everywa.re technologies, for real time indoor positioning and navigation of assets and people. The solution brings together the power of iOT, Mobility and Big Data to craft the perfect solution for every industry.

With the Internet of Things you can specify a set of technologies that allow you to connect to the Internet, with any type of device. The purpose of this type of solutions is to monitor, control and transfer information.

RedSharp solution is a hardware-software integrated platform that brings together IoT, mobility and big data to enable you with marketing, inventory and control via

Indoor Navigation: let users reach a specific POI thanks to an interactive map that enables real time navigation inside indoor settings and shows them the shortest path to reach the desired destination.

Asset Tracking: trace each asset or asset group during its entire lifecycle according to custom flows. With an automatic inventory feature, it enables smart logistics capabilities such as real-time detection and faster identification and search of assets.

People Tracking: track and identify users inside different environments through automatic check-ins, it helps employees and workers save time and reduce routine tasks. it can increase security and monitoring capabilities by leveraging location-aware instant messaging and alerts.

Proximity Content: allows to keep users constantly up to date and to increase their engagement by providing them with location-aware information, leveraging features such as instant messaging and push notifications.

Footfall Analytics: be updated in real-time about users’ affluence and permanence in specific points of interest using small wi-fi detectors. It allows to gain insights about people flows and to analyse their interaction with the environment.

RedSharp complements its iOT offering with the development of several mobile applications leveraging on geolocation services, accelerator, integrated barcode and RFID readers, advanced photo camera features, with both hybrid and native language programming (Objective C for iOS and Java for Android). The Apps are cross-platform, therefore compatible with most devices on the market.
For example, the latest product launched on the market, G# PO EasyMon, is a real easy to use and mobile ready SAP PI/PO end-to-end message monitor with a fresh-looking interface allowing even business users to be effective and proficient.

Making positioning relevant is key to players belonging to Transport and Stations, Venues and Events, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics and Healthcare. For ERP and system integration services RedSharp addresses fashion, white goods, pharmacy, packaging and media. RedSharp helps clients of every industry understand the opportunities and benefits that are possible by unleashing the power of connected enterprise products and solutions. We leverage our business consulting to create a strategic vision, roadmap, and proof-of-concept paving the way for successful IoT implementations.

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