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The productivity rate in Romania is six times less than Europe average – and the lack of digital solutions usage is main factor

BY IMWORLD TEAM, August 24, 2017 12:57 pm

In 2017, we may easily get lost in the large number of distractions in the electronic workplace, therefore we may overlook important things. Given all the potential interference and the overload at work, one of the best things the software creators can do is pull more of the most relevant information we need to do our job together in one place.

MiniCRM calls its approach to this goal “a way of thinking that emphasizes the importance of quality and customer-centered mentality.”

Founded in 2009, MiniCRM offers next-generation customer relationship management software for Sales, Marketing, Integrations, Invoicing and Helpdesk among others. “Is recommended to those who want to know the real needs of their customers, be more organized, increase their revenues and boost their companies by applying modern solutions so MiniCRM is a business concept that focuses on the customers to build long-term viable successful businesses.

We don’t just offer a CRM system, we educate companies, give them a lot of support and know-how on how to better manage their processes and be more efficient”, said Anca-Ioana Bândac, Country Manager MiniCRM Romania.  

Currently serving over 850 SMEs customers across Central and Eastern Europe, the MiniCRM is available in 7 languages: Hungarian, English, Romanian, German, Czech, Slovak and Croatian. In 2014, the company won both the ‘Best International Business App’ and the ‘Best Business App in Hungary’ awards of Deutsche Telekom. As a result, will expand in more countries from Central and Eastern Europe.


A low productivity is the lack of usage of modern informatic solutions

“Telekom contest validated that our solution is very good. Beside this, we also identified a need of the Eastern European countries for a better customer management system. Studies show that the productivity rate in Romania is 5.6 euro/hour – six times less than the average in Europe – and the factor that contributes to a low productivity is the lack of usage of modern informatic solutions,” explained Anca-Ioana Bândac.

From MiniCRM point of view, Romanian business owner are no different than the ones from other countries, they have a grow mentality, they want to expand their businesses, improve their processes and to provide good and quality services. “Romanian clients are more and more open to adopt cloud based solutions and we’ve met many entrepreneurs who are driven to provide good quality services and products for their customers. A special need that Romanian people have is support in their own language from local Romanians that can understand the particularities of the market and can identify with their needs”, described Anca-Ioana Bândac, Country Manager MiniCRM Romania.  


The only thing that is constant is change

Ask anyone if people resist change and everyone will quickly nod in affirmation. Yet the reality is that people change all the time. In business, the first important change comes when companies adopt digitization.
“From our experience, a lot of companies in Romania still manage their processes and sales activity in Excel or paper-based way and, because of that they work inefficient and lose a lot of potential. We want to change this and have a measurable impact inside the companies that are adopting and using our solution.

Being the developers of our own CRM system, we improve it constantly. For the past years MiniCRM has changed a lot and we keep updating and adapting our solution to match the best technologies and techniques on the market. Our goal is to educate the Romanian entrepreneurs and give them an efficient sales tool in order to better manage their business”, explained MiniCRM Romania Country Manager.  


What exactly does MiniCRM do?

MiniCRM is a cloud-based CRM application that organizes and prioritizes leads and customers so you can close more sales successfully and pay attention to the really important customers.

It collects leads from your website, keeps track of tasks added to each customer, and stores full customer history making it easy for CEOs and Team Leaders to control and evaluate their team’s work. Modules of MiniCRM let you manage several business pipelines in one system (e.g. B2B Sales, B2C Sales, Invoicing, Events, Helpdesk, HR). It is possible to create filters based on any information available in MiniCRM and send newsletter and sms campaigns to custom audiences. Sms and mass email messages can be sent immediately or at a defined time. You can test alternative versions of a message template: after an A/B test, MiniCRM automatically sends the template that produced better click-through rates.

MiniCRM has been created to make customer relationship management easy and to contribute to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.


The main competitor is… old school mentality

The company sees that CRM is in general NOT an IT problem. It’s a human issue, it starts at the management level, requires the proper tools for implementation and the end result is success. “Our bigger competitor is Excel, paper based solution and old school mentality” said Anca-Ioana Bândac.


IMWorld definitely help in building our brand

A logic next step to the company extension was to enter new markets and the Romania is a very promising market. “We were already here when we found out about IMWorld, but if definitely help in building our brand. In 2 years since we enter the Romanian market we grew as a team and as people alongside our solution. We have the support of an international team but we manage to develop a local team in Cluj-Napoca. We have a total of 8 people in Cluj are more than 30 people in our HQ in Hungary.

It’s always a challenge to expand a business to a new market especially because you have to build everything from scratch: brand awareness, a database of contact and customers, partners and a strong brand. We had to adapt to the market and we noticed that Romanian people appreciate a good quality service and a localized solution and support.  We see a big potential for MiniCRM in Romania. It’s a country with many people and many smart and hard working entrepreneurs and the Romanian business environment is becoming more and more competitive” defined the Country Manager MiniCRM Romania.

The company believes cloud is the future and the trend is to see more and more eastern European countries adopting modern CRM solutions to improve their productivity rates and customer service level. MiniCRM is currently in 5 countries: Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

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