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Paperless or less paper?

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 26, 2017 6:14 pm

Live demonstration at NextDocs booth

Every day we are reminded that we live in a digital age. We read the news or we do our banking online. Yet our offices are still “seeding” paper based processes.  

In 2016, humans created more than half a billion tons of paper. It’s no wonder that more than a quarter of all landfill waste is paper. Not only is this an environmental tragedy, but it is also a monument of inefficiency because paper does not give enterprises the business intelligence and insight they need to succeed.  

The solutions are simply digitizing paper-based processes, but for the people who doesn’t work with technology isn’t a good enough reason to switch. There is a need to be a compelling bottom-line benefit to replace a well-known system.  

If process improvement isn’t a good enough reason to adopt technology, what is? The short answer is that there should be a business benefit to justify to make this change.  

What we do 

Meet compliance requirements, reduce storage and mitigate risks and costs, and maintain seamless access to documents for business users. Documents management & archiving has become a critical component of information governance practices. 

Records management needs are very specific and each organization are unique. Nextdocs offers highly personalized solutions to suit your company’s archiving needs. We provide confidential storage in our secure warehouse and give both electronic and physical access to your company’s records. 

In addition, we also handle documents workflows and confidential destruction of your archives and other optical and electronical storage media (DVD, CD, HDD, SSD, tokens, bank cards etc.). By outsourcing records management, our clients can focus on their value added part of their businesses. 

IMWorld: Meet our new brand 

Something’s changed. Yep, we are part of Sistec Group but for now on we are just Nextdocs.  

Our new name comes with a new, more comprehensive identity. We’re still managing document lifecycle –physical and electronic archiving, document workflows and secure destruction, still inventing and testing new technologies, but now we have more power and flexibility to support you to take smart decisions.  Our clients and prospects already know that we are here but IM World will definitely help us spread the word and build our value. Nextdocs has been helping banks, insurance, manufacturing and retail companies to modernize their infrastructure and business documents workflows, building the future digital transformation.  

Live at our booth: You can bring a printed invoice to the stand and we will digitize it. 

Paperless office: we believe in it with determination, competence and creativity. We don’t say that the paper will disappear but your documents and your information will be used in digital format, easier to find and more efficient. Your work and your core activities will grow faster. 

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