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MB Distribution at IMWorld, a solid partner for digital transformation

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 25, 2017 5:49 pm

There is always a gap between desire and reality, but sooner or later, technology builds the bridge to move the present into the future,
No more than two decades ago, digitalization was more like an abstract concept. Of course, there were scanners, printers or OCR software for reading a printed text, but using them at a large scale was not feasible, due to the lack of reliable scalable solutions, but also due to an undeveloped infrastructure capable of storing, moving or safely preserving huge amount of data.

Thanks to modern technology, digitalization is possible nowadays.
You may find several innovative ideas at MB Distribution’s Stand during IMWorld 2017.
As a technology facilitator between vendors’ innovations and customers’ needs, MB Distribution is a solid partner for digital transformations to a modern society.

You may also find answers to questions like: What is in fact a Cloud and what is it made of? How Smart Cities work? How virtual is a Virtual Machine? Behind concepts like these there is high-end technology that can handle data at fast speeds and secure it in many ways.
Our Virtual Assistant will be more than happy to welcome you and our team will explain what is the role of an UPS in this impressive digitalization story, how can a flash server access Terabytes in a matter of Nanoseconds, what smart mobility means for us or how a modern projector can read your gestures and take commands. These and many other modern features can be discovered if you visit our stand. There is plenty of room to welcome you and talk about our solutions and there are plenty of ways you can integrate the latest technology we can provide in your projects.

If you are passionate about technology, if you are looking for new ideas to transform your own organisation or if you are willing to find a strong partner that can provide a wide range of IT infrastructure, you should stop by.
Digital transformation is a must for organizations willing to evolve or even survive in a very demanding business environment. Choosing the right technology and the right partners could be the most important decision you have to make these days. And you may find your answers at IMWorld 2017.

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