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 GCouriers at IMWorld

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 25, 2017 5:38 pm

When ambition and strong management are a source of motivation, you start dreaming big, so this is how GCouriers project was born. 

We believe in a receptive market with huge potential, we belive that success comes from satisfying your client needs with premium services. We belive that dedication and commitment grants you the ability to deliver great services to big and complexe businesses. 

 GCouriers is a project that ofers solutions to the courier market to the need of fast and reliable deliveries (ASAP deliveries) by connecting clientsto available couriers. The couriers are carefully selected and ranked according to their past deliveries. A courier can be anyone who meets quality criteria and joins the GCouriers comunity. 

 With the ability to understand and implement what we perceived from the needs of our target market, we are proud to present an application who puts together complex IT Technology and domain authority in an user friendly interface that connects clients with couriers around the country. 

 Our solution brings major benefits to the labor market in Romania and to the on-line and fast service businesses. From the start, the courier market will become open to every person who loves to move and also to profit from it.  

 We are proud to be part of an open system like Uber for couriers which makes posible to use your free time to win money, the posibility for a business to deliver his goods with out needing to have a courier fleet or the posibility to raise your gain. 

 To make an aplication so complex as Gcouriers could not be posible with out the help of a highly skilled IT developers from a full-service Web Based Company. GCouriers supports business digitization through fast access to courier market and services via mobile internet. 

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