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FlorideLux.ro at IMWorld 2017

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 25, 2017 5:11 pm

Flowers and technology… What do they have in common? Some might say NOTHING, but we, here at FlorideLux.ro, we say EVERYTHING! Technology is our number one development platform that helps us reach clients worldwide, deliver love anywhere in the world, overcome distance and all boundaries. FlorideLux.ro is the first ever online flower shop in Romania, created back in 2003 by our CEO visionary, Marius Dosinescu, a soul project made just to learn ecommerce.

Back then in Romania the internet was not such a popular thing. And ordering flowers online was a thing of sci-fi, a possibility that seamed to many a reason to laugh. “Who will buy flowers online? Come on! I just go to the kiosk next door and buy some for my self, I don’t need delivery and credit card payments and … Pff! Too complicated for just some flowers….” That was basically the main reaction Marius Dosinescu got when he told someone about this project: www.floridelux.ro.

But oddly enough, the first day when he launched the project, we got our first orders. The first day! There were a lot of Romanians outside the country that were just amazed that FINALLY someone created an online flower shop with delivery in Romania. This flower shop appeared in 2003, when in the US, for example, this service was available since 1992.

Since 2003 technology has helped us maintain high service standards for our clients and optimise our work flow in order to serve as many customers as possible and expand our production + delivery according to high season periods: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. We have in house our own software developers that constantly work to improve our activity.

As development, we are the first ever online flower shop to:
– have a store with digital window display
– develop a production software that measures the production time in real time and optimises the production workflow
– develop an in house delivery app that allows our clients to get instant and live delivery confirmation by email and SMS
– develop an app that instantly send our clients a picture of the actual bouquet sent to the recipient, a picture taken in the design room, by our florists
– develop an app connected to courier services in order to create in real time, at the touch of a button AWBs and delivery confirmations
– develop an app that allows our drivers to see in real time what orders are done in the design room and to create a delivery sheet instantly and print the gift cards for each order
– develop several and multiple payment options for our clients, including BITCOIN and POS payment mobile.
– develop an app for Vodafone that allowed customers to order flowers at the metro station or in the middle of the street by scanning just a simple QR code on a banner. The payment would be made via SMS and clients could send flowers ANYWHERE in Romania at the cost of an SMS.

Technology is a beautiful thing and in the hands of florists it can bloom into an amazing business, created for fast and easy flower delivery anywhere in Romania and the world. Technology has opened our minds towards endless possibilities and has helped also become the NO.1 flower shop in Romania, having our clients in mind at all times. We strive to offer the best services, with amazing floral design for many more years to come. The success of FlorideLux project is fully owed to our visionary CEO that has an amazing education and background in website and software development, Marius Dosinescu. He truly inspires the team each and every day, giving us new horizons to reach and the energy and power to get there as quickly as possible.

Please visit our floral design headquarters online any time at www.floridelux.ro and feel free to try our services. Use special code IMWORLD for a special 10% first try discount. We look forward to deliver for you the most amazing feelings, flowers and smiles!

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