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First officially recognized as a cyborg by a government, at IMWorld 2017

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 8, 2017 10:00 am

Neil Harbisson, first officially recognized as a cyborg by a government, will be on Main Stage at IMWorld 6th edition, October 4-5, Romexpo, Bucharest.

The power of technology has radically changed his life by giving him the opportunity to hear colors, instead of recognizing them through sight. That`s why, IMWorld is going to show you for a week how grayscale world looks like. Starting by Friday, October 8th, all our photos, visuals, campaign banners, videos, even our website are black & white.

Why we do we this?

We want to emphasize the essential role that technology has in our lives by introduce you an example of using tech not only for solving humans issues, but to upgrade their capabilities. As the antenna implant increases Neil`s abilities to perceive our world, so the adoption of technology by businesses is a must-have nowadays to survive in the new digital economy.


Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist, Neil was born with an extreme form of colour blindness that results in his seeing in grayscale. He grew up in Catalonia, Spain, seeing the world in black & white, until he had an antenna implanted in his skull and develop a sensor that transposed colour frequencies into sound frequencies.

His antenna uses audible vibrations in his skull to report information to him. This includes measurements of electromagnetic radiation, phone calls, music, as well as video or images which are translated into sound. The antenna’s internet connection allows him to receive colours from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via external devices such as mobile phones or satellites.

In 2010 he co­-founded the Cyborg Foundation with Moon Ribas, an international organisation that aims to help humans become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborgism as a social and artistic movement.

Harbisson identifies himself as a , he feels both his mind and body are united to cybernetics. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology.Because the antenna can not be detached, The UK Passport Office admitted it as part of his body and he had become an officially recognized cyborg. His artworks investigate the relationship between colour and sound, experiment the boundaries of human perception and explore the use of artistic expression via sensory extensions.

On IMWorld Main Stage, Neil Harbisson will talk about The Renaissance of our Species. This talk will explore how taking an active part in our own biological evolution is no longer a theory, but an option. Becoming technology, instead of using or wearing technology, opens up the possibility of having additional organs and senses beyond the ones confined to our species. By merging ourselves with technology we can become the designers of our own body and perception; and we can increase our survival possibilities in earth and in outer space. Are we witnessing the renaissance of our species?

Hearing Colors, a short, winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s first branded content award, is a good way to understand the life story of Neil Harbisson.

Get your Digital Architect Pass and meet Neil Harisson on the Main Stage, 4-5 October at Romexpo, Bucharest: imworld.ro/tickets

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