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eflex – build your own features!

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 25, 2017 6:58 pm

Did you ever need to change a simple thing in your website but had to contact the IT department for that?

With eflex we are trying to provide a new way for companies to manage their websites. Fast and reliable, full with all kind of automations the platform will make you rethink the way you work with the website.

A CMS with a powerful ecommerce module or an ecommerce  with a powerful CMS module, however you look at it you will enjoy it’s capabilities.

Some features that we are proud of:
      1. Optimized promotions.
Think of the following situation: you have a 10% promotion for your loyal customers, and an active promotion 40% discount on the second (lower price) shirt. What happens if a customer adds to cart 3 shirts? The system will automatically give the first 2 shirts the 1+40% promotion and will make a new line with the 3rd product at 10%.
Let’s make things a bit more complicated: the 3 shirts have 3 different prices. One 100$, one 50$ and one 40$. If we apply the 1+40% promo on the first 2 and then the 10% to the last one the customer will get 24$ discount. If we apply 10% to the first one and then for the last 2 we apply 1+40% the total discount will be 26$. Eflex will do all this calculations automatically for you and provide the customer with the best discount, the same as if he would be in a store.

     2. Dynamic attributes.
One of the main issues for an owner of website is: what items do I present? In case of products, some companies will want to show the items with stock, price and have at least an image. In case of a travel agency for example they will show the offers with an image, are not expired and still have places available.
Most of the time to achieve this you either hard-code the conditions or have somebody publish or unpublish items manually.
With eflex we solved this issue using dynamic attributes. A dynamic attribute is an attribute based on other attributes. In both of the above cases we will create an yes/no attribute called “show on website”. For the ecommerce website we will tell the system that all the products having the attribute stock greater than 2 (we don’t want to risk out of stock orders), attribute price set and greater than 0, attribute “has image” – “yes” will also get the attribute “show on website” – “yes”. For the travel agency, we will use the same “has image” plus “expired” and “free allocation” attributes.
You can use this new “show on website” attribute on your filters settings. All this is managed from the admin section, with no help needed from the developers team.

    3. SEO link generation
In all eflex platform you can transform any non seo-link to a seo-friendly one manually. In addition to that we created a tool that you can use for a group of items to build seo-links. So for the “phones” category for example you can choose how to build your links. You can configure them for example: “new-cheap-phones” + “/”+ {item_name}+”-”+{memory}+”-”+{operating_system}. The system will create links for all the products in the “phones” group replacing data from {} with the corresponding attributes. Results in this case might be: new-cheap-phones/galaxy-S7-32G-Android or new-cheap-phones/iphone-6-16G-IOS . In case the system detects 2 links with same name it will add one or more letters to make them unique. So one of the results might be  new-cheap-phones/galaxy-S7-32G-Android-c if we have 4 products with the name galaxy s7, with 32G memory and of course Android operating system.

Find out more features by contacting us on www.itxs.ro or visit booth L12 at imworld.

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