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Creative Ones is coming at IMWorld

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 20, 2017 7:31 pm

With an experience of over 400 active projects and an impressive number of successful projects, Creative Ones is a business partner that will build your entire app as you desire using the best IT Technology available on the market.

With a range of common values with our partners such as Engagement, Integrity, Passion and Transparency, Creative Ones provides professional implementation, optimization & promotion services across the online environment, regardless of their field of activity.

Over 5 years of real-world digital marketing experience, programming, web design, online maintenance and promotion, Creative Ones has adapted its strategy by setting the foundation for successful projects, supporting business digitalization by delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Our approach is based on smart strategy projects, our partner ATVROM SPORT EXTREM is the real proof of the success achieved at a high level of uniqueness in the country. Thanks to a single, unique smart control platform on about 80 sites across the same network, automating billing, bidding, stock management, pricing, or bidding on any of the websites on its network, in just a few clicks ATVROM SPORT EXTREM has reduced its working and management efforts by 80%, focusing much of its time on increasing the actual sales of its range products.

Shortly after the project’s was lunched, feedback on doubling its sales was a further incentive to continue to accelerate its notoriety due to its excellent optimized implementations.

In this respect, the course of the projects has brought us a new challenge when a group of leaders in the field of courier market contracted Creative Ones to create a successful concept in Romania, namely: GCouriers. The exciting project and the unique business idea has inspired our curiosity, creating a completely personalized online platform with professional brand image. And because of an excellent team of programmers and web – developers, we have created the GCouriers mobile application to complement the needs of such a business. Having a host of personalized properties and ultra-fast capacity, the complexity of the mobile application has responded to all of its user requirements.

Due to the management of a complex portfolio of websites with of notoriety such as: pariurix.com, scotianul.ro, anvelomag.ro, norauto.ro and beyond, Creative Ones has gained a vast experience in CRM structures, softwares that are able to manage teams of employees, online platforms with integrated feeds and display of real-time results, but also full maintenance and optimization.

We create online beauty thanks to a group of experts in web design, experts in custom software and powered by an online marketing team with long experience, certified by Google, and whom online marketing campaigns have proven their effectiveness in selling, offering online promotion and complete analysis on real goals.

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