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Infrastructure & Information Security

TEMPERFIELD is ready to help you Transform2digital with Digital Mastery. We are a team of forward thinkers, innovators, hi-tech-savvy professionals, doers, mastering new & traditional technologies for your best digital transformation. We provide you the most appropriate technology to lift up your business & advice to balance your resources, for an outstanding digital journey towards your business goals and customer needs.

Private cloud, virtualization, artificial intelligence, we make them accessible for you! Let’s Transform2digital with Temperfield Solutions: Adopt a Cloud, Make it Virtual, Connect & Collaborate, Secure & Manage Risks, Business Accelerators, AI@work. Digital Transformers Team with proved competences in: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Security & Data Recovery, Software Defined Network, Artificial Intelligence (innovating the eCuore technology for cardiologic cloud-based diagnosis & monitoring).

“Sharing is digitally caring!” is our motto as tested practitioners & certified trainers (+2.500 trainees in 8 countries, +12.000 training hours). So we are happy to disseminate our knowledge, ‘how-to’ & lessons learned, to go the extra-mile, to implement & share know-how. Join now the Transform2digital Community to become yourself a Digital Transformer.

Prepare for our Internet & Mobile World presence, with lots of digital & AI surprises.

See you there, at I03 booth & IMW stages!


Transform2digital with Purpose!Calin Damian
Digital Rider, CEO Temperfield
Enterprise Stage10:30 - 10:45
4 Octombrie
Become the Security Unicorn everybody wants!Calin Damian
Digital Rider, CEO Temperfield
Security14:45 - 15:00
4 Octombrie
Put some Heart in your B2B! And name it eCuore!Liviu Chirila
Digital Priest, CTO Temperfield
Enterprise Stage10:30 - 10:45
5 Octombrie

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