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Infrastructure & Information Security Solutions

Medialine Romania, part of the German group Medialine, it’s present on the Romanian market since 10 year now, delivering IT&C solutions for companies of all sizes, no matter the industry they belong to. Medialine offers its clients “full service”” systems for Premium IT – business software solutions such as ERP, CRM, Document Management solutions, IT&C infrastructure services, managed IT, servers, data security and cloud services.

The experience and the professionalism of the Medialine Team made the company one of the most important and well known “full service” IT company.
Medialine Romania clients portfolio contains international clients such as MHS Truck&Bus, the importer of MAN and also a distribution leader, Hoeganaes –market lider in processing and metal powders selling, INMAACRO – measuring vehicles distributor, EVENTIM – the biggest online platform in Romania for tickets selling, Transilvania Pack and Print – one of the biggest packings producer, Trendwalker – human resources market leader, The Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce, BCR – the Commercial Romanian Bank, Adobe Systems, Romfracht – the main producer of metal fibers in Eastern Europe and many others.

Our main business software solutions are the CRM – CAS genesisWorld and the ERP – WinLine by mesonic.

CAS genesisWorld: the powerful CRM solution
What makes a company successful? The brains behind the business, customer centricity, motivated staff. And all that with a unique idea: CRM and the right CRM solution. Imagine what you could achieve if your CRM software also had a brain.

CAS genesisWorld is the complete customer relationship management solution. It’s so flexible that it can be tailored precisely to your needs and so powerful that you can get started straightaway – CAS genesisWorld can be seamlessly extended as your business expands. A range of smart modules and interfaces means that there is a solution for every requirement.

CRM means that you can concentrate on your core businesses, while CAS genesisWorld deals with your processes.
• Centrally stored, up-to-date information and streamlined processes. All information is available to everyone.
• Central access to data streamlines your sales processes, leaving you more time to spend on your customers.
• Precisely targeted marketing campaigns every time. Better aim, for better results.
• Excellent customer service thanks to the high quality of information available. Customers can sense your smile over the phone.
• Managers in control at all times thanks to instant reports and up-to-the-minute analysis – enabling them to respond to changes in time.

WinLine Business, WinLine Corporate si WinLine Compact – Standard programs for accounting, business administration and e-business

The ERP solution perfect for:
• Financial Accounting
• Accounting for fixed assets accounts
• Management of goods
• Order Processing
• Merchandise management
• Production
• E-Business

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