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IT Genetics


Devices & IoT

IT Genetics is a provider of AIDC & POS solutions and a distributor of devices from leading manufacturers in the world, designed to optimize processes and to increase business efficiency and profitability.

With an extensive portfolio and more than 10 years experience in the automatic identification, data collection applications (AIDC) and point of sale (POS) industry, we help companies to track, identify and manage assets, people and transactions, throughout the business operation.

Our goal is to provide enterprises with efficient solutions and professional integrated systems, especially designed to meet their various needs and most exigent demands. We mix hardware equipment from well-known global producers with innovative software applications and custom services, in order to maximize customers` benefits, satisfaction and profit.

We invest hard work, responsibility, innovation and perseverance to develop varied solutions:

• Printing: labels, receipts, fidelity cards, RFID tags, identification wristbands;
• Tracking & Scanning: warehouse management; management for Retail & HoReCa Units, barcode verification, inventory, check in / check out, sales force automation, routes optimization, assets, goods and people traceability;
• Point of Sale (POS): money collection, home deliveries, ticketing, automated purchasing;
• Security & Identification: access control, patients identification, warranty control, subscriptions management;
Wireless Infrastructure: mobility for workers and connectivity for visitors.

• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Logistic
• Healthcare
• Government
• Education
• Utilities

You can see the whole portfolio on www.it-genetics.ro

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