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Cegeka at IMWorld 2017

BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 13, 2017 6:19 pm

We live in a world where digital transformation and disruption have become the new normal. Companies have to constantly reinvent themselves. They face the difficult task of keeping a cool head and taking the right steps in the digital arena. Our mission is to help  companies, developers, engineers and organisations survive and thrive in a digital world, where the rules of the game are constantly changing.

By attending IMWorld 2017, Cegeka is bringing a new perspective on two areas of activity: software development and infrastructure, by addressing technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and Process Automation. We believe that blockchain technology is going to fundamentally change our way of doing business. Hence, at Cegeka we approach blockchain in a very pragmatic way: starting from an experiment, we work towards a concrete solution, which we then put into production, ending in testing and long-term support. Cegeka started its first image and video processing adventure in 2004, and up to today, it delivered over 10.000 man-days worth of Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Machine Learning projects, in domains varying from Bio Medical, Automotive or Construction Industry to Agriculture or Sports and Entertainment. The main focus of the Team is the development of Windows desktop applications, using the .Net framework, but in order to keep up to date with the advancements in a very dynamic, constantly evolving niche domain a lot of prototyping is also performed.

Nowadays, in the context of digital transformation and IoT, cyber attacks are a very hot topic. How do IT companies protect clients and their data? Massive cyber attacks grow vulnerability of all of us. You will find the answer from one of the best Security Managers within Cegeka, at the Security Stage of IMWorld 2017.

Cegeka’s services address business needs are developed in close cooperation with Management Board members who aspire to take organizations to a new level of technological development. At the same time, nowadays Blockchain and Machine Learning are easy-to-identify technologies for every CTO and CEO in Banking, Healthcare, and Retail who acknowledges the importance of implementing innovative technologies in their organization.

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