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BY IMWORLD TEAM, September 16, 2016 7:15 am

Beans United, the 1st and only HubSpot partner agency in Romania, is happy to announce its third participation at IMWorld. The team that will join this year’s edition said: ”We like remarkable events so we cannot wait to meet curious participants and tell them about the remarkable results inbound marketing brings to businesses in Romania and around the world.

This year, Beans United became HubSpot Gold Partner after obtaining outstanding results for its clients by implementing the full HubSpot inbound marketing philosophy: Attract (visitors), Convert (leads), Close (customers) & Delight (grow ambassadors).

Why businesses need Inbound Marketing?

Because the buying process has changed: companies used to control information through sales representatives and mass-media, but nowadays it’s the consumers who take control through all the channels they can access online. We live in a world of information abundance and attention scarcity, where consumers are overwhelmed with unwanted advertising messages.

Inbound marketing evolved as an alternative to intrusive marketing techniques that failed to produce results. By developing content to attract customers instead of pushing intrusive advertising messages, inbound marketing earns attention instead of buying it and uses lead nurturing to create a personalized experience for each potential customer, based on their needs and problems.

As a Hubspot Partner, Beans United relies on both services and software to create a new marketing roadmap for its clients with a closed loop reporting. The inbound agency’s clients are companies that want more leads for the sales team, so Beans United helps them by:

  1. Understanding their business model and its specific challenges
  2. Analyzing their business goals for the upcoming year
  3. Building a strategy that helps them achieve these goals
  4. Establishing a framework to implement the inbound marketing plan
  5. Reaching the traffic, qualified leads and new business goals

If you want to learn more about Beans United, please stop by their booth at IMWorld, where you will have the opportunity to talk to one of their Inbound and HubSpot certified consultants.


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