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Digital & E-commerce

With the Internet of Things (IoT) concept you can specify a set of technologies that allow you to connect to Internet, any type of device. The purpose of this type of solutions is substantially to monitor and control, and transfer information which can be translated into valuable data that leads to more accurate decisions.

RedSharp hardware-software integrated platform brings together IoT, mobility and big data to enable you with marketing, inventory and control solutions. The platform features indoor navigation, asset tracking, people tracking, proximity marketing and footfall analysis.
To increase understanding of user behaviour, strengthen customer engagement, optimize asset management and improve workforce efficiency, RedSharp has the perfect solution for transport and stations, logistics, retail, venue and events and healthcare. RedSharp combines its offering with a robust consulting approach in order to deliver tailor-made IT strategies and solutions.

RedSharp is offering also extensively covers mobile developments, making processes available on mobile devices via efficient, cross-platform Apps with an intuitive interface and compatible with most devices on the market. Furthermore, its team is also your valuable consultancy for SAP development and IT Integration, as it’s part of GreenSharp Holding a best established Italian SAP Consulting company headquartered in Milan, Italy.

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