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Questia Group


Digital & E-commerce

We are a young and fast-growing tech and data start-up in the business of online public opinion, with international presence in Europe, Asia and Africa. We are focused on a different way of doing market research. Our positioning is “the customer brand”, interested in what the customers really want and how to further grow our engagement with them. Using a mix of technology, innovative approach and cutting-edge research methodologies, we provide a unique way of capturing actionable insights.

We cover all traditional market research type of studies and even more. Besides online surveying, we also run ongoing online communities and prepare insightful whitepapers, featuring data from both primary and secondary research.

Success is rooted in the ability of clear thinking and acting quickly. And we deliver this opportunity with high efficiency. And with enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto.

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