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HERE is the world’s leading location data company. We’re inspired by the fundamental role location technology plays in improving quality of life for everyone – from making our roads safer and air cleaner, to helping enterprises and cities work more efficiently. Through the Open Location Platform, we enable organizations from any industry to access location data and services; develop their own innovative products; and monetize their own data through the marketplace.


Built on three decades of experience in mapmaking, HERE is developing the Open Location Platform to provide access to a rapidly-expanding map infrastructure called the Reality Index™. This includes accurate three-dimensional mapping, live traffic and other dynamic information from across our road and transportation networks, as well as data on millions of places. We update the Reality Index™ using billions of data points we gather every day, and apply machine learning to support rapid map update cycles. In the last year, we have more than tripled automation in our mapmaking process. And by 2020, 95% of our map infrastructure will be updated automatically – enabling it to serve as a digital model of the world that aids autonomous vehicles, drones, on-demand mobility services, precise indoor and outdoor goods tracking and other advanced services of our emerging autonomous world.


Today, HERE already serves several industries with maps and location services. Our map data powers more than 100 million vehicles globally, as well as leading enterprises such as Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, FedEx, Garmin, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP and Toyota. And recently, HERE has begun supporting several smart city projects that apply our expertise in location intelligence to helping solve the big challenges we face as a society.

Learn more about us on www.here.com or www.360.here.com

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