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Digital & E-commerce

FlorideLux is the first online flower shop in Romania, that offered for the first time ever in our country the possibity to add to cart, order and pay online for your flowers, with free delivery across the country. Our story begins online in 2003, back when nobody ever thought any Romanian ever would order flowers online. But the very fist day we opened our website, we immediately received orders, so the market was really needing this kind of service.


From that moment on FlorideLux became the no.1 choice for online flowers and flower delivery in Romania. Our operation is exclusively based on technology, we have a production center with florists that receive and create the orders off of an computer, on our internal production software. Our couriers get their orders on tablets, they automatically print the gift card, deliver the actual order and confirm the delivery in real time, from the special delivery app. Our clients receive instantly the delivery confirmation via email and SMS. Also, before delivery, the florists take a witness picture of the product that is about to leave our premises to the recipients door. The foto is taken on a special camera that has a specially designed software to send immediately the picture to our client, as it is taken by the florist, no touch ups, no nothing.


In the present day, thanks to technology, our production and delivery capacity has grown exponentially, to up to 800 units per day. Also, our internal softwares allow us to expand our capacity according to our clients demands. Also, technology and automatization, along with 24/7 email access has opened the international gates for us, as from 2013 we are the exclusive representative in Romania for BloomNet florist network, 1800Flowers.com, the biggest online flower shop in the world.


We have had a rather interesting and different approach for our development, as from the online flower shop we expanded the business in offline, creating a nationwide franchise network, with actual stores that are fully integrated with our online store. In 2014 we opened the first ever flower shop with digital screen as window display, where customers could order online from the sidewalk, from our interactive display, paying with their credit card.


Our technological expansion and interest is also found in our multiple payment methods. We are fully integrated with paypal, bitcoin, e-wallets and we accept payments at the doorstep of the client through our mobile POS systems. FlorideLux.ro is truly a flower shop of the future, bringing such a classical and beautiful gesture, flower giving, into the digitalized era, where clients can make wonderful gestures to their loved ones with just a click. Because we love flowers but we love more technology, FlorideLux will continue to blossom into a wonderful business, created exclusively for our clients, for good, on time and precise delivery service, together with gorgeous floral design and elegant, fresh blooms.

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