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Digital & E-commerce

Avandor is the preferred choice of customers who are talking to a wide audience, have a variety of products and services for different people or need storytelling to convey their brand’s value proposition.


Our tech & data stack allows treating each user individually based on the their content and interaction with brand assets (sites, landing pages, messages, campaigns etc.). Everything gets recorded and can be addressed by complex marketing rules that deliver a personalized communication with each user.


Avandor platform contains in a single interface:

•  20 ways to track and record online activity (sites, emails, CRM, forms etc.)
• on-page behavior (time spent on page, scroll amount, exit intent etc.)
• consumer analytics engine to identify traits of users
• instant ad builder to create relevant content and ads in minutes
• direct & programmatic media buying capabilities
• real-time website personalization
• data available for free on all first-time visitors (~300 data points per user)


Avandor was charged with complex tasks including finding and convincing very narrow audiences (0.2% of population), driving intent, lead generation and conversion rate optimization, and even political campaigns.


Typical clients include telecoms, banking & finance, retail & ecommerce, automotive, media/publishing, political & government.

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