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Arodas Media


Business Software & Cloud Solutions

We solve production problems.

We know very well that Romania is a place to stay when it comes to manufacturing and production but we also know how hard it is to determine some of the work force to adapt to new requirements, procedures and standards of quality. We also know how unpredictable Romania is when it comes to regulations, laws and changes in the financial system.

This is why we’ve developed Quantum ERP, a 100% customizable ERP solution designed for the Romanian market which enables you to control and direct every single department or employee of a factory. We’ve designed a series of tools to help almost any department like: management, finance, legal department, human resources, marketing, sales and distribution, procurement, research and design, production, warehouse management and logistics, machine maintenance.

We know it’s hard to have a single application that matches any production model, this is why we also design functionalities and modules based on your own business, and literally we clone the entrepreneur mind so the factory runs by its own rules.

If you want to create an automated TO DO list for your workers, or track on how much and well they are doing their job, if you want to be able to see in real time what is the status of any order or product even when it’s still on the production line, if you want to fix any product quality issues through tracking and re-training or you want to simplify your CEO job, Quantum ERP is the right solution.

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