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Devices & IoT

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS delivers high performance M2M and IoT solutions in order to respond to the connectivity requirements that companies and people need to meet in areas like Industrial control, Smart Cities, Smart Environment, Water management, Smart Agriculture, Retail, Gambling, Logistics, Security.
Owners of assets in various fields of activity will continuously adopt M2M and IoT to efficiently monitor their activity and generate increased ROI.
Fleets of machines, vehicles, security cameras, industrial machinery, drink coolers, monitors and sensors, in fact, nearly any fixed or mobile assets, will be equipped with M2M communication and IoT technologies so that tracking, usage information collection and centralized management can be achieved with much more efficiency from a single enabling platform.
Machine to machine (M2M) communication and IoT enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions automatically.
Using M2M, these devices send and receive data and requests to each other and to central management systems, autonomously and often in real time, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for business agility and efficiency.


1 smart countsmart cardsmart jack

Full transparency and control over all  gaming devices, including slot machines and roulette,  controls all devices remotely, manages access, monitors and generates real-time alerts and reports through serial or digital communication, provides detailed information about players’ activity and game statistics, for supporting complex marketing functionality, including loyalty and bonus programs, mastering and optimizing jackpots for increased attractiveness

vending track

The complete solution for managing your vending business. Smart Vending offers a compact solution for managing vending machines, payment systems, goods, spare parts and maintenance activities.

smart track

End-to-end target tracking and visibility. M2M communication enables secure identification, monitoring, localization and management of any type of assets, goods, equipment or even people.

smart flowmeter

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS suitable for virtually every liquid application, with meters almost custom designed and built for particular applications, which meet the needs of a vast range of drink vending, blending and dispensing applications. Flowmeters are designed specifically for the drinks dispense industries including beer, wine, syrup, juice and water. ARTEMIS SYSTEMS brings the benefit of real time information and the centralized systems management. It is also adapted to all major producers of premix dispensers.


Media content display and audit system that remotely edits and controls advertising videos and messages that run on vending displays, vehicles displays, or on street and retail located displays


Industrial control

fuel monitoring

  • SmartTrack for Fuel Monitoring Optimization, Metering & Alerting System for Generators
  • Leak detection (system) (Wave Control LDS) in the main crude oil pipeline


  • Smart Lighting -Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights,
  • Waste Management – Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes.
  • Electromagnetic Field Levels -Measurement of the energy radiated by cell stations and and WiFi routers


  • Light Ionizer Guard Alarm – monitoring / air treatment and alarm in case of fire and explosion hazard system

smart water

  • Potable water monitoring,
  • Swimming pool remote measurement,
  • Water Leakages,
  • Monitoring of water level variations


  • Fields, gardens and greenhouses management


Mihai Mavromalide
Managing Director Research & Development
26 Biharia Str, 3rd Floor, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: 0314 251 298 / Mobile: 0734 954 444



IOT – The 4th industrial revolution. Are we ready?Adrian Zărnescu
Chief Engineering Manager (IoT Division)
Enterprise Stage10:00 - 10:30
5 Octombrie
IOT – The 4th industrial revolution. Are we ready?Paul Raețchi
Chief Engineering Manager (M2M Division)
Enterprise Stage10:00 - 10:30
5 Octombrie

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