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Digital & E-commerce

IM.CITY: – The City Interface is a new technology allowing anyone to interact with people or objects in different contexts around the city.


IM.CITY: HR is one of the IM.CITY: main modules customized for interactions inside the company or outside in the city.


Using RFID or Bluetooth technology, the employees are able to execute check-in and check-out commands so the HR departments will be able to be compliant with the law requirements regarding the working hours statistics. 


Same system can be used for employee rewarding by providing access to different resources, events and places.


Another important modules are:

– IM.CITY: DRIVER allowing city drivers from companies or private persons to interact and communicate in car contexts (ex. parking)

– IM.CITY: EVENTS allowing people to access and have interactions and transactions within city events.

– IM.CITY: PLACES allowing people to access and interact in different places around the city (ex. shops, cinemas)

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